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Kitesurfing school in Orient bay, St Martin, Sint-maarten, kiteschool since 1998

Private lessons are perfect for beginners and intermediates.
"Bring a friend" is perfect for beginners
The DUO session is only for intermediate or advanced kiters

# 1 Kiteschool since 1998-


- Radio Coaching system (two way BBtalking radio system) 

- One to one lessons - Motorboat assistance - see our lessons program or intro to kiteboarding

- If you need supervision, this is also possible, more details here

- All our lessons are on reservation, so  ​book now ! Lessons daily at 9 am, 11 am or 2 pm

3 days Kiteboarding course - Six hours of kiteboarding spread over any three days. This course is packed with information and techniques (private lessons)

5 days Kiteboarding course - Ten hours of kiteboarding spread over any five days. This is a comprehensive course covering all the core skills, equipment and conditions.

Benefits of private lessons

If you really want to enjoy your lesson and get into kiteboarding, private lessons is a must.


Our beginner's students become independent after 4 or 5 sessions, compared to group or semi private lessons will require more lessons.

If you are almost independent, you may take few lessons and rent the gear on your own:

First lesson on the water (2 hours):


Second lesson on the water (2 hours):


More information about lessons

Pack Lessons + gear: 2 free sessions

Get 2 x 2 hours lessons class (kite + board)  free for any purchase of a Cabrinha New Pack 2019

See rates

Foil lessons

Learn how to foil (only to independent kiters). After a 1 hour lesson, you will have the chance to start to fly on the foil. We use intermediate foils (CAbrinha Double Agent)

How to enjoy Kitefoiling- Theo Demanez from Theo Demanez on Vimeo.

Learn wave-riding, jumping, freestyle

Learn advanced skills with our instructor.

Wave-riding: we will take you on the best wave-riding spot (next to the center)