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Kitefoilschool Orient Bay, St Martin / St Maarten

Ride from 8 knots wind ! discover kitefoiling in light wind...Learn how to foil in St Martin in 2 hours! (VIP coaching)

Kitefoil Lessons

The course is aimed at advanced riders who want to get into hydrofoiling. We use boat support and high volume school hydrofoil board with a shorter mast to make the lesson safer and progression faster! After 30 minutes, you will start to fly above the water!

After a 2 hours private lesson, you will be able to lift on the foil. A strapless experience is generally required, but if you never done it before,the instructor will teach you how to ride it first. 

We use easy foils (aluminium) for the first lesson, so that the lesson is safe and the foil not too fast.

You will enjoy the speed and aerial feeling of flying!.

Kitefoil rental

Gokitesurfing center offers a wide range of foil:


How to enjoy Kitefoiling- Theo Demanez from Theo Demanez on Vimeo.